Anytime You Deal with Another Human It Is Ministry

When I made the decision to go back to college for a leadership degree, it also meant I would be more active in our business. Though I am not involved in the day-to-day processes, I am interested in developing people, and helping them reach their fullest potential.

If you call yourself a Jesus follower, anytime you deal with another human it is ministry.
I remember thinking, my bio is going to change now to include “business woman”. Immediately the thought entered my mind, it’s not real ministry, and maybe it’s not as important. Before I had more than a second to entertain it, it became clear what God wanted me to know, “If you call yourself a Jesus follower, anytime you deal with another human — it’s always ministry.”

That nipped it in the bud. Before my wrong thought had a chance to implant in my mind and convince me that someone what I was doing was below par in the Kingdom — God took care of it and confirmed at the same time I was going in the right direction.

Early November, I taught my first “Lunch and Learn” talk at our business office. Basically, “Lunch and Learn” is exactly what it sounds like. We provided for our employees, lunch and an opportunity to learn.

It is a way we show we care about our employees — not just about what they can do for us to help make our business better, but, in someway, make their lives better — caring about their personal growth and development.

The title of my talk was, “How to Get People to Listen to What You Have to Say” and essentially the short answer is, “They need to know you CARE about what THEY have to say.”

I found myself naturally praying for the meeting the day before. I prayed for people to leave changed. I almost stopped myself thinking, it’s a secular place of business.

Then I remembered, it doesn’t matter. People matter, and God loves them no matter where they are.

While I was standing in front of all those faces, looking at them — not just as employees or as Christians and non-Christians, but as people with real lives, real hurts, real problems, real needs, real gifts, real purpose — I felt God reaching out and loving them through me. I felt the atmosphere change. And somehow I knew, lives were going to be changed.

Do you ever struggle with the thought, because you’re not “technically” working in a ministry that your work is less important?


Michele-Lyn Ault

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