Making of a Home [UNVEILED] My Favorite Warm Blue Paint Color

I cannot choose paint color without buying an exuberant amount of paint samples to try. There are worse problems, but still it is a problem. The paint chips the painting companies provide almost never, ever, never look the same once they are painted on a wall.


I cannot even tell you how many times I have loved a color in the store and brought it home to paint a room or an accent wall, and it looked like a totally different color. Grays look purple. If there is a yellow undertone it will be really yellow. The same goes for green. In my house, grays tend to look like baby blue or purple.

Then, there’s the issue with our eyes. Each persons eye has their own opinion. Blue looks green, and green looks blue–depending who you are talking to in my family. Of course light is the main culprit for changing the color of a color. The time of day, how the color reflects off of other things in the room change, and the previous wall colors all change the color of paint.

It feels like a no win sometimes.

However, every once and a while I find the paint color I was imagining and I sing the hallelujah chorus, for it is no small miracle. The color is Hazel from Sherwin Williams SW 6471.

I used it in our living room and kitchen area. It is one big room. I used it in my little girl’s room and it contrasts so well with pink. I also used it in my writing cabin.

best blue green paint-color-hazel-sherwin williams

Our small living room foyer area. Don’t mind the drywall patches.

best blue green paint color hazel sherwin williams

Wall in kitchen with Naptime Diaries Advent Calendar ’13.

best blue green paint color hazel sherwin williams

Our littlest girl’s little room. Don’t mind those dry wall patches either.

best blue green paint-color-hazel-sherwin williams

My writing space.

I wanted a warm blue. Blue is considered a cooler, not warmer color. I found the warmest blue — a blue I feel in love with. Even though Sherwin Williams says it is in the green family. You decide.

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