When Quitting Seems Easier

The discouragement has been coming in waves, and each time the wave comes I try to brace myself, but it is a struggle to keep my footing. I have been running my race, and it feels like I am wearing weights. I have been heavy and slow, and today quitting seemed easier....

When You Get Tired of Waiting

God unfolds His dream for us through seasons we must walk through. Often that dream begins as a seed, and there is a necessary process for its growth. The waiting in-between the conception and fruition can bring harsh and painful realities. The rubber-meets-the-road...

When You Think You are Ready

We live in Central Florida, so we have a myriad of theme parks to choose from. We get season passes to one each year. This year we chose Universal Studios. My youngest daughter, a fearless adventurer, loves roller-coasters, and Universal Orlando has an assortment. My...

Michele-Lyn Ault

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