The Greatest Call from God

We want God to call us to something great.
So, which is it? What is the greatest call from God?

Sometimes God will ask you to leave places, positions, and people. Though, the onlookers seeing from the outside in, may disqualify you by counting your absence, your decision, your “no” as unfaithful.

Except they didn’t hear God when He asked you to follow Him. They cannot see how you’ve sought hard after Him in the secret place. There was no one around when you served in the shadows.

Only God can count you faithful or not, because only He knows what you had to give-up in order to be. Living for Him to call you faithful is the difference between being a God-pleaser and a people-pleaser.

Because the importance of the work isn’t determined by the number who see it.

What if God is calling you to bloom in the dark? What if He is asking you to be content with an obedience that only He sees? And what if He is promising only more of Him as the reward for your obedience?

Is more of God really enough?

And what if you desperately want your answer to be yes, making God your greatest pursuit because He is your everything?

During this Lenten season where people may choose to give up personal indulgences, it wouldn’t be so bad of an idea for me to give up coffee, dessert, or media. Yet, God isn’t asking me to give up more things, but to give up more of me.

“…Perhaps what God calls us to give up, really, is ourselves. The paltry offerings we prefer to give up, while they feel challenging, are perhaps less pleasing because we fail to give up the one thing that stands between us and Christ. Ourselves. Only when we have given up our own ambitions and desires, from that death to self, can we be used to produce much for His kingdom.”Kris Camealy, Holey, Wholly, Holy

I went away for a personal retreat as a gift from my husband. It was not much more than twenty-four hours, but the work God did in my heart — eternal.

God revealed my sin, unveiling parts of me are standing between God and my full surrender. He was gentle, as I’ve always known Him to be. It’s the kindness of God that leads us to repentance. There must be less of us in order for there to be more of Christ. There’s pain in the cutting away of ourselves, because no one can give up their own desires without inward bleeding.

And my sin? I labor for the Kingdom of God, yet I still desire my own glory.

And it’s time to get over myself. None of this Kingdom work is about me and my plan. It’s always been about God and His plan. The lie is that these things — accolades, promotion, fame, success — will satisfy my soul. The truth is they never will. Only God Himself can fill and settle a soul.

He is calling me to seek Him. To know Him. To press in. To run hard after Him. And He’s saying all the while, to the degree I seek Him will be the degree that I see His greatness in my life.

Not to the degree I work.
Not to the degree I perform.
Not to the degree I strive.
Not to the degree I succeed.
Not to the degree I’m known.

To the degree I seek to know Him.

God has called us all to greatness, yet we have to allow God define what greatness is. Sometimes, all times, God calls us to Himself.

What call could be greater?

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