How do you measure success in the Kingdom of God?

I woke up this morning with having a sense of failure for all of the undone things I thought I would have done by now — by the new year, by this time in my life.

The first line I wrote out in my prayer journal was the question, “How do you measure success in the Kingdom of God?”

To my own surprise, and without even thinking, I penciled the reply, “That is not the question.”

Rather, the question you should be asking is, “Have you been faithful with what you’ve been given?”

And a moment later, my littlest stood in front of a three wick candle I had just lit. “Don’t blow it out,” I warned.

“I won’t. I’m just watching.”

“Are you watching them dance?” I asked her. “Are you seeing the flames dance?”


Am I watching? Am I seeing what is right in front of me?

As the flickering candlelight reflected off her face, I saw her round cheeks and eager eyes full of life, and I saw once again what I’ve been given.

I see, once again, what God is watching.

A moment later she climbed up in my lap to give me her affection, I thought. No, to cleverly steal my phone so she could watch Netflix, which is what she is doing while I type out these words.

And it doesn’t sit well with me.

Could my desire for my own personal success result in the answer to the question of my faithfulness be, no?

I know that answer.

As we enter this new year, may God realign our hearts to desire His purpose in our lives, above all else. No matter what anyone else’s lives may look like, no matter what anyone else may have that we want, may we live to be faithful with what we’ve been given, and desire to hear, “Well done, good and faithful…”

Matt 25:23


Michele-Lyn Ault

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