Mamas can dream… [Dream Again Day 24]

Motherhood is work fit for the Kingdom.

The work you do as a mama IS work worthy of the Kingdom of God.

Mama, your labor is important to God’s plan for the earth.

Motherhood doesn’t steal your dreams, it refines them and then enlarges them.

I want to make sure you know that. For many years — about 15 of them — I believed the falsehood that my labor as a mama was wasted work in God’s eyes.

I wrestled long and hard with an ungodly belief that my labor as a mama had no significance. I’m not sure the Church has done well to validate our role in God’s Kingdom. Mamas, I’m sorry for that. I sense it’s getting better — God’s getting His message to His people.

In the past, however, I’d sit under preachers and feel the pressure to “Just do something.” And by something, it meant ministry outside the home because home wasn’t considered ministry. And the burden can be worse for working mamas. I’d sense the judgement pressing down on me and those words crippled me. I’d silently scream back, “I want to do something. I desperately want to!” But my heart was arrested in the custody of a Holy God, and He wasn’t done with it yet. It’s wasn’t time. My work was at home.

I knew this, yet, I spent years looking out the window for something better, past the beautiful eyes of innocence staring back at me. And missing it — missing the joys of motherhood. Weighted down by my own oppressive feelings of worthlessness and uselessness for the Kingdom, I didn’t know the truth of my value as a mama. And I didn’t understand.

I offered myself wholly to God, praying He would use me to bring His message to the ends of it. “Lord, here I am. Send me.” I wanted to answer His call. Yet, no call ever came. Not even a call to teach a Bible study. Just a call to teach my children.

Though many of those years I shook my fist at God and questioned, “Why? Why would you break my heart so deeply for the nations, and I hardly ever leave my house?” His Word was like fire in my heart, and I longed to teach it but felt mute. I pleaded with Him to take this burden from me.

I needed what I was doing to matter.

And it wasn’t that it didn’t.

It was that I didn’t know it did.

Over the years God broke-up fallow ground in my heart and planted new dream-seeds. Not to replace the others, but to work with them. God would unite the call of being a mama and world changer into a tapestry of destiny as only the Master Designer could. My call to home, and my heart for the world could be one, as I dreamed of raising world changers.

God did a work down deep in my heart to anchor my soul and establish me in my first calling, as wife and mama. He ignited in me a passion to stand on my knees for my family in the face of the enemy, and against the darkness in this world. To stand as a gatekeeper to my children’s hearts, and a watchmen over their lives, laying down my life in the fight for my family.

God ignited a passion in me to raise kids, not to serve the world, but to change it. To help ignite passion in them, and the flame the enemy battles relentless to extinguish. It’s our destiny in God the devil fears. The truth of it is, mama, you are the devil’s target. He dreads Godly children being raised knowing their identity and purpose in God — knowing the inheritance that is theirs as a child of God. The devil attacks the heart of the family because he doesn’t want generations raised with Godly heritages.

The devil is a liar. The very thing he tried to use to undo me, is the thing that God has used to make me. And no one can take my passion for motherhood now.

Children are God’s best gift!
The fruit of the womb, His generous legacy.
Like a warrior’s fistful of arrows
are the children of a vigorous youth.
Oh, how blessed are you parents,
with your quivers full of children!
Your enemies don’t stand a chance against you;
you’ll sweep them right off your doorstep.

Psalm 127:3-5 The Message


The dream God has for us, is not to take away from our season in child-raising. What God has for us, is tailor-made for us. The work He gives us to do, we can do without sacrificing our children. This, I believe with all my heart. Lean into the season you are in. Enjoy the blessings that you find in it, because no other season will provide those same ones.

Don’t let the enemy lie to you and make you think the work you are doing at home is not fit for the Kingdom. You are on the front lines raising those babies. I know the struggles, but God is going to use them, and is already using them to refine you, mold and shape you into the woman He created you to be. I am not sure I can say it gets easier, but I can say “you overcome.”

What you are going through may make you feel weak now, but it will be the thing that makes you strong later. The constant seemingly mundane tasks of taking care of the household can make you feel like you are in a prison. It did, and still does, at times, for me,. Yet, through it, God is helping us to number our days, to understand how to spend our time and energy. I am learning more and more everyday to let go of the external uncleanliness, and focus on the purity of our hearts and relationships.

This season, it won’t last long, or maybe it will seem like it will. The transformation that will take place will be invaluable to you. You will not have been able to get it anywhere, or anyway else. In this season you will gain wisdom, knowledge and strength to share with others mamas and bring them hope.

When our children need us more, and it seems we cannot do anything else, it does not mean you are being used by God any less. You are serving God, and furthering His Kingdom by raising Godly seed, and leaving a Godly heritage on this earth. You have so many incredible strengths and gifts that will be honed as you raise your children, and as you offer them your talents, I believe God will multiply them, and use them in the earth.

While you are in this season, where, perhaps, your dream seeds are dormant — and every seed needs that time in order to grow — God is still working deeply and gently within to prepare you for that work He has. Dream. Dream about those future plans. Dream about the dreams God has for your children. Dream about how He is going to use you to raise world changers. Dream about your children taking their place, rising up and letting their lights shine.

Be encouraged. And dream as a mama. And dream as a daughter of God! He’s got a dream for you, too, mama!

My dream and passion now, is to help you too!

by grace and with love,


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Michele-Lyn Ault

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