My Heart, My Message Video [Dream Again Day 2]

My first video blog. Though it’s way out of my comfort zone, I am glad I can share the message with you. If you are reading in an email or reader, you will have to visit A Life Surrendered to view video. Click here.

From the beginning, it’s our identity the enemy wants to steal because he knows if we know who we really are and who we could really be in God, then there is nothing that could hold us back from accomplishing our purpose. And ultimately living our purpose means advancing the Kingdom of God.

The enemy of our souls cannot ever take our purpose, but he will try and keep us disillusioned about it. If he can keep us from knowing Christ, if he can keep us from knowing our Creator and the Architect and Designer of our lives, then he keeps us form knowing how we were created and who we were designed to be.

So knowing Christ — that’s the beginning.

Know who we are in Him — that’s freedom to walk in God-given purpose.

And it’s not just for us, it’s for God, for Whom we exist.

And it is His purpose in us we are to live out.

31 Days to Dream Again is really of all this — freedom from our past, knowing who we are in God, knowing our identity in Christ and being able to stand up, learning to celebrate who we were created to be, and walking free in it.

Will you find a place where you can write your thoughts and ideas as we go through this month?

Write It Out: Today, will you be honest with yourself and with God about how you feel about your  dreams? Maybe you don’t have one, or do, but are not sure what it is. Maybe you’ve been disappointed so often that you’ve lost hope. Maybe you’re battling doubt and insecurity. Or perhaps you are write in the middle of living your dream. Is there something greater that you see?


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Michele-Lyn Ault

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