It is in the Secret Place

May my most passionate pursuit always be of you, God.

I pray it. I mean it. But I do not always live it. When I wander off too far in the wrong direction I hear God calling me back. Every one is called. What makes the difference is how we respond to it.

God will not let me veer too far off course. He will not let me get away from it. It is something He always brings me back to. It is the center. It is the nucleus. The most important part of our life from which all else grows.

Union with Him.

Before I move any further in the series, I need to say these words again to remind myself and you…a deliberate life must begin with making our union with Christ the highest priority.

I posted this Instagram on Friday and I thought about it all weekend. It stalled my posting schedule. Not the Instagram, but meditating on the words I wrote in the caption.

It is in the secret place that you are developed, not on stages. God develops you in secret. #deliberate31days

The caption read,

I love hazy mornings… Hazy journeys? Not so much. I woke up really needing God this morning. Not that I don’t need Him every day. I’m just not always aware of how much I need Him. It’s easy to think we have it all together…until we don’t.

I heard a few moments of a podcast, and I knew God was speaking to me. “It’s in the secret place you are developed, not on stages. God develops you in secret.”

His call will always take us closer to Him. Always. If you answer a call that doesn’t, chances are it wasn’t His call you were answering.

I have so many glorious plans, but I hold them loosely in case I am asked to let them go. I leave room in my life for the Holy Spirit to speak, for the Lord to have His way, always.

Our plans mean nothing if they are not wrought in God. This is what we should be most intentional about. We cannot figure out our way apart from the Way.

God can do in a few moments what we think might take lifetimes. Yet, we weary ourselves trying to make them happen. All the while Jesus is saying, “Come to Me.” There are some things you tirelessly are looking for that can only be found in the secret place of God. While you are there, you will also find rest.

There’s a clarity that comes in our mind that comes to us from God in the secret place of His Presence. When we separate ourselves from the world and consecrate our selves unto God — God reveals to us His plan. His story. Our story. Though while on earth we will never see fully, only looking through a glass dimly, we do see. We begin to understand our part in His story.

It happens in the secret place.


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Michele-Lyn Ault

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