When You Think You are Ready

We live in Central Florida, so we have a myriad of theme parks to choose from. We get season passes to one each year. This year we chose Universal Studios. My youngest daughter, a fearless adventurer, loves roller-coasters, and Universal Orlando has an assortment.

My girl has a petite body. She is four. The coaster’s tracks tower over us, and the cars thunder and roar as they drop, twist, and turn over them. Each time we pass a roller-coater she insists, “I want to ride that one.”

When you think you are ready and God says, "Wait." #Deliberate31days

She hastens to the height-stick at the entrance of the ride, so the attendant can verify she is tall enough. Over and over we have to tell her, “Not yet. You are not tall enough yet. You have to grow first.”

“I am big. I grew already,” she tries to persuade us.

She believes it is true. She thinks is ready, but we know better. Even if she was tall enough for the wild ride, her petite frame is not strong enough to withstand the force. Her muscles need to grow. Her core needs to be strengthened.

“One day I am going to ride that.”


I believe it. She will be my coaster-buddy one day. Right now she needs time to grow, be strengthen and fortified, before she can be launched from zero to 40 mph in two seconds flat with the force equal to that of a jet taking off an aircraft carrier. Her dream is much bigger than her little body can carry her.

I have not been much different than her. I have waited on the runway to be cleared for take-off many times before, only to learn it was not my time yet. More than once I thought I was ready to launch, but God kept saying, “Wait.”

Waiting is challenging for anyone, but especially for the one who thinks they are ready. But I am grateful God did not allow me to run out ahead of Him, because it would have been disastrous. It would have cost more time, pain and heartache than necessary — much more than waiting.

I must interject a point here. There is a difference between waiting on God out of obedience, and hesitating because of fear. We will talk about the latter later.

Over the next few posts in the series I am going to share my story about that time when God began to speak to me about growth. I immediately thought He meant blog growth.

I was wrong.


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Michele-Lyn Ault

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